Christmas Message - Posted December 19, 2014

On behalf of the Coalition for Seniors and Nursing Home Residents' Rights, together with its partners
 We wish you a Merry Christmas and Safe Holidays

Board meeting November 14, 2014

Key points discussed and recommended at the board meeting on November 14, 2014

  • Co- Pay Prescription Drugs
  • 10 for 10 achievements
  •  Seniors Issues Matter - Aging in Place
  • Veterans Disability Pension protection
  • Standard Contribution Policy Booklet
  • Meeting with Minster Social Development composite of attendees 
  • Special Care Homes staffing ratios  and eviction policy
  • Specialized Beds
  • Home Care Association Colloboration
  • CARP appointment
  • Discrimination - Cheery Picking, Nursing Homes and Special Care
  • Criteria/ definition of levels of Care

Coalition Welcomes New Groups November 14, 2014

(Moncton)  The Coalition for Seniors will hold its board meeting today at Peoples Park Tower, 960 St George Blvd starting at 10:00 a.m. (Media are welcome for photo opt and interviews)
The Executive Director for the Coalition, Cecile Cassista says after celebrating 10 years of achievement other seniors groups recognizes the importance of working together.
 It will be a significant day for the group as three new member groups join to delivery their message on senior policies to the newly elected government. The New Brunswick Seniors Citizen Federation, Riverview Veterans & Armed Forces Association and CN Pensioners have appointed representatives to the Coalition board.
On the agenda the board will also discuss as to whether to collaborate with the New Brunswick Home Care Association that has expressed an interest to work on common issues relative to seniors.
Cassista,  states in addition  to the achievements  being unveiled at the June meeting  the Board will  discuss its affirmation on, “ Seniors Issues Matter “Aging in place “.
The Coalition will be seeking a meeting with government officials to deal with policies that need addressing. Growing the Coalition in numbers is important to get its message across that seniors polices need to improve and be protected says Cassista.
Seniors and Veterans cannot be forgotten by this government.

For more information: Contact:  Cecile Cassista, 506 860 7682 or Cell.  850 5655

Agenda - Board Meeting November 14, 2014

Board Meeting –   November 14, 2014
People Park Tower - 55 Camden Court, Moncton NB or 960 St George Blvd entrance
                                                                                     10:00 AM

1.                   Call to order
2.                   Welcome and opening remarks
3.                   Introduction  welcome new members
4.                   Adoption of Agenda
5.                   Adoption of Minutes:  June 20, 2014,(circulated) in kit minutes from annual meeting for information only
6.                  Correspondence  -  Email from Association francophone des ainés du Nouveau Brunswick
7.                  Reports & Logistics
                       President update, Claire Gay
                       Executive up date, Cecile Cassista, recruitment new members, media update                                   update with Social Development on matters relative to seniors’ policies nursing                             care facilities
                       Treasurer Report - Suzanne Maltais
         9.        Policies/ Resolutions - items for board discussion and recommendations
                       10 for - 10 unveiling achievements   -   Seniors Issues matter – Aging in Place
                       Veteran’s policy
                       Drug Plan discount Co Pay
                       Standard Family Contribution Policy booklet           
                       Meeting with Minister Social Development

         10.     Other
                     Home Care Association Collaboration

         11.      Constitution amendment

         12.      Evaluation
         13.      Thanks

Cecile Cassista, Executive Director

Seniors Policy Wrong CBC July 27, 2014


Seniors Care Rules CBC July 26, 2014 News

N.B. Family almost loses $5000 in scam July 19, 2014


Metro senior loses thousands in scam Times & Transcript July 18, 2014

Codiac RCMP are warning the public about a case of fraud that appears to be aimed at seniors.
On Friday, the police received three similar fraud complaints targeting elderly people over the telephone. In one case, a victim was defrauded of more than $5,000 and two other victims were targeted but did not provide money to the fraudster.
“In one of the cases, the victim received a phone call claiming that a family member had been in an accident. The other calls were similar,” says Const. Damien Thériault. “The caller said the family member needed money urgently because the accident wasn’t covered by insurance. The victim was asked to go buy a pre-paid Visa card and give the caller the card number and CSV code.”
Police are warning people, especially seniors, to check the facts before sending money anywhere, no matter how urgent the situation may seem. A call to another family member can confirm or disprove the information.